With the release of Android 11, Google decided to restrict for security reason the access to the other application folders, except for file managers and antivirus. At first glance, seems reasonable but many things went wrong and now Android 11 is much more limited.

I have an Android application that…

Do you recognize that? Changing 1% of a project and recompiling and retesting 100%

This doesn’t have to be a requirements, with Maven & Git the system can detect which sub-modules is not modified and has no modified dependencies. So the compiled code available in the artifactory could be re-used.

In Java the system can detect which class depends to another one. …

Japplis Toolbox is a freeware that contains more than 50 text tools to manipulate text. Here is what you can do with it.

Japplis Toolbox — Screenshot
  • Encoding / Decoding: URL, Base64, XML, Query parameters, Hex, Hexadecimal numbers, Binary numbers, ROT13, ROT47, Unicode, Morse, Cyrillic, Volapuk
  • Lines: Sort, Reverse, Shuffle, Number, Delete duplicates, Trim…

Japplis Watch 1.0 has been released. A free powerful watch software for your computer. It includes a clock, stopwatch, timer, alarm and more.


Tools: Clock, Timer, Alarm, Stopwatch, Calendar, Time Zones, Server Time, Countdown till Date, Pomodoro / HIIT.

Customization: Font, Font Color, Background Color, Date/Time format, Font Size…

In the recent years and months, Apple has taken steps to take more control of their Mac OS, changing their role to something that looks more as a dictature. As a developer of Mac OS applications, it’s time to take actions.

It used to be that you could just download…

Anthony Goubard

Founder of Japplis, a company developing tools in Java in order to boost people productivity.

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